April Awareness…

Here are a few things that are recognized in the month of April…

Parkinson’s Disease


Foot Health


They say what brings separation between couples is MONEY…the love of or the lack of. What about what’s yours and what’s theirs, what happens when you have a joint interest, like income tax. Do you file together or keep it separate? What if you can’t agree on how to split the refund or even when to file…these MONEY MATTERS can bring about conflict and disappointment.

Communication is key, being able to discuss financial issues openly to help resolve whatever financial disagreements couples may have. Come to terms on what needs and goals are important. Come to terms on what is fair and understand that each person is just as important a contributor to the daily operations of the relationship. After the needs are met, have fun and splurge a little. Enjoy life, and know that it’s more than money that matters!!!

Strictly Platonic

Can men and women be in strictly platonic relationships?

Some of my closest and best relationships were with guys. Not to say these friendships are better than same sex friendships, but getting opinions or advice from the opposite sex can be insightful in a lot of situations. Sure, sometimes these (male-female) friendships can be testing, because, both people haved learned the others likes and dislikes as well as their attractions;so the lines of friendship is careful not to be crossed. Another question is can strictly platonic relationships survive, especially once the friends develop non-platonic relationships, can the significant other accept, the we’re just friends part…just as all friendship/relationships take some work, and I know some may beg to differ, but I think men and women can be strictly platonic…


(Presidential) Election Day is fast approaching…

If you enjoy being in the mist of the crowds and the lines or if you want to beat the crowds and the lines, vote early. Whichever you prefer, just VOTE.

be Encouraged not Discouraged

VOTE 2012!!!   VOTE 2012!!!   VOTE2012!!!