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Happy New Year!!!!

Be Blessed, Healthy and Prosperous

Aspire to be the BEST YOU, you can be…

More of June

African-American Music Appreciation Month

African-American Music Appreciation Month is a celebration for African American Music every year in the month of June in the United States. It was originally started as Black Music Month by President Jimmy Carter, who on June 7, 1979, decreed that June would be the month of black music. Since then, presidents have announced to Americans to celebrate Black Music Month. For each year of his term, President Barack Obama has announced the observance under a new title, African-American Music Appreciation Month.

June Awareness

Here are a couple of things that are observed in the month of June:

Men’s Health Month

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

CONGRATS to ALL of the 2013 GRADUATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you all the best of what’s to come…Challenge yourselves, strive for better, and achieve all.

Live…in Full Bloom

May Awareness – Did you know?

For the month of May, here are a few things to bring awareness to:

DYK-Lupus is an unpredictable and misunderstood autoimmune disease that ravages different parts of the body AND Lupus develops most often between ages 15 and 44. However, between 10 and 20 percent of cases develop during childhood and these cases can evolve more rapidly into serious health complications.

DYK-Skin Cancer is by far the most common type of cancer.

DYK-Hepatitis” means inflammation of the liver and also refers to a group of viral infections that affect the liver and that Viral Hepatitis is the leading cause of liver cancer.

Live…In Full Bloom

April Awareness…

Here are a few things that are recognized in the month of April…

Parkinson’s Disease


Foot Health