Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me…

and the chorus goes, Happy Birthdaaaaay to Me…funny how when you were young, like 9 or 10 you were so excited when it got close to your birthday.  You wanted everyone to know it was YOUR special day. Couldn’t wait for the party, the friends, and especially the gifts.  Then came, those lovely teenage years…wow, what could you say about those birthdays…and then the roaring Twenties, wow, wow, what could you Really say about the anticipation and excitement of those. Thirty…what?…well that came pretty fast, but loving it. They say Forty, is the new (in my book, the new 25)…whatever it is, it’s all good.  Your Birthday is your special day,  no matter what the age of celebration is, enjoy life and make it great and always have that ‘young kid’ feeling…


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