Reality Me[t]V..

Reality TV has become a way to see into the lives of many, a way for us to view and make comments on peoples lives both business and personal. What if You  were on one of these shows, what would viewers say about your lives, especially your relationship(s) with your significant other(s).

My character, of course, would show I am a caring and loving mother.  A great friend and a Wonderful wife. Sure I view those things about myself, but really, I wonder what would the viewers think…what would they think about my significant other…he’s great, he’s not good enough, or he’s somewhere in the middle. Would they be shocked to see or hear some of the things said or done, probably so, because we know that adding a little drama will help the ratings.

Even though people view others lives and relationships without having recorded access and are going to have comments regardless, would You change anything that you normally do if the camera was following you and recording your every move…

My answer is no, I would just be me, the normal me, the real me, after-all it is Reality Me[t]V


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