Workplace Romance

THEY say we spend just as much if not more time at work with our co-workers than with our families; if this is true, then no wonder why romance in the workplace happens. Though some of these romances can be extramarital, these are not the ones I am talking about (that will be another post 🙂 )

You have been at the same job for years and have been working with most of the same people; have been to lunch in groups or have worked on various projects together and then Boom, out of no where, THAT co-worker strikes up a different conversation. You find yourself  kinda interested and want to see where this may go. Well it goes for a while… the romance is new, fresh, and fun but just like any other relationship, situations and issues arise. Should these issues be handled any differently, after all you work together.  What if the relationship has ended-Can you resume as co-workers or friends?

In a perfect world, the answer would be yes, the relationship can go back to the way it was. But then again, it may depend on how and why the relationship ended. Friendship should always surpass but that was before the emotions and even egos got in the way so what do you do…


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