Single Ladies

Well, after watching the first few episodes, I am a fan. No I am not single, but can relate to the characters. Relate either by experience or association. When looking for love, such as the character Val ( S. Dash), women want that special guy to come and sweep them off  their feet and of course just like on the show, there’s this one guy , you kinda like, but don’t want to give in to him…you want to see if your Mr. Right is still out there and maybe, just maybe he’ll appear. So you hang on to the Mr. Possible until he gets tired of being a possiblity.

 Keisha ( LisaRaye)…my, my, my…well that character is relatable as well. Think with your head not your heart type of chick, and you won’t get hurt-until you encounter “That” guy who has that same mentality and then the chase becomes more challenging. April, yeah I can relate to her too, well ‘sorta kinda’ .

Whether it’s waiting for the  Right one, love em and leave em, or tipsy turvy- and regardless of your marital status, these women have situations most women can identify with.


One thought on “Single Ladies

  1. ingrid says:

    truth be told-I am all three to some degree. I want love from a man,then like Val, I get fed up with the BS and move on. Hell I even chill out longer than a month.
    LisaRaye-I get what I can from one if proven to be a player or jerk! Not taking wooden
    nickles as they might say. Charity, if I got her name correct, been there-done that!
    but…I was single. Don’t like married men,want my own man.
    I really enjoy this series. they have very good writers so far and I do intend to keep up
    with,’Single Ladies’ I’m one. 🙂

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