Married w/single friends

Do spouses really have a problem with their spouses having single friends?  What about non-married couples, who may or may not live together, but have friends that are not in a serious relationship?

I have friends who are single, friends who are married,  friends who are in a serious relationship, and divorced. Do these different categories of friends have anything to do with their friendship? NO.  What about when it comes to the nightlife…maybe so (this is where I think the “significant others” have issues) True, single friends can pretty much come and go as they please, but what happens when you, the married one, wants to ‘hang’ with them for an all-nighter. Would this test your relationship if you hung out later than nornal or would it even matter, simply because your significant other  has nothing to worry about? I’m not talking about the extreme jealous or insecure type, they seem to always worry, but that’s another Oprah (lol)… having nothing to worry about, is that the issue, or does it have more to do with Trusting and Respecting each other? Trusting that a Girls-Night-Out or a night out with the Fellas (single and all) real friends will not encourage bad behavior…


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