What’s your type?

As I am listening to Jamie Foxx’s song…the line, I always fall for your type…makes me think about some of the choices we make when beginning a relationship. What initially gets your attention? what draws a person to another?  I was talking to my cousin, she says she prefers, tall-dark-handsome-said she’s usally drawn to that type…another person told me she likes the adventurous, go getta type…a male friend of mine, said when he was younger, he liked a certain type, but as he got older, those issues became less important because he wanted something more. The marrying type.  What is that? the marrying type…was I looking for that type?…was he? 

 So I ask, what’s your type? or what type are you?


5 thoughts on “What’s your type?

  1. T. Pierce says:

    My type: A man with an accent (jamaica), Dreads single and kept neat. Tall does not matter the shin color. He has to be what i like to call a Corporate Thug. One who knows how to be business when needed and can still be able to hang in the hood if need be. Whats that old saying you can take the boy out the hood but not the hood out the boy.

  2. Tia Stringer says:

    I always thought I had a type. Until I continued to pick the wrong type. But what I really like is someone to make me laugh. I know people think that is corny but is is the most important thing to me. Yes they will have a job and their own place. You can get a since of someone so follow you heart, it wont lead you wrong. I have now let my type of guy choose me and now I have Mr. wonderful.

  3. ingrid says:

    Type–most times we make wrong choices trying to carefully pick and choose. I make bad choices because I’m not picking or choosing every quality-I like. Being said, I settle and think the rest of him will follow. Its never does. I know it is said,”no one is 100%.” Well, this may be true–but I decided to step back and check me out.

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