New Years Resolution

are you a “Resolutionist”?

When the new year is approaching, we begin to think  and reflect on things we may not have attempted, completed, or accomplished within the year…which I myself  reflect on these things.

It is also a time to think about what you did attempt, complete and maybe accomplished. It is a new beginning to some things and an end to others. I hear  people say they are not going for the same old stuff they went for…it’s a new year…out with Old and in with the New…which I understand this totally. Then there are those that say they are not making any resolutions, and this is okay too.

so which category do I fall in…a little of both.

I am not sure if I have a New’s Years Resolution, but in 2011 I would like to travel, stay fit, be healthy, and enjoy my life.  But the one thing I will bring into the New Year and Every Year is ME, my same loving and caring self.

What’s in 2011 for you?


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolution

  1. Tia Stringer says:

    long time no post i fall into the doing things different in 2011 because my 2010 ended very badly. i am more thankful and appreciate what i have more. i will bet great in 2011.

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