The Conversation

I attended a get-together based on the book, The Conversation by Hill Harper…just like the book, it was a pretty mixed group,  my husband and I were the only married couple…there was another guy who was married but wife was not there, and others were single and divorced or in the divorce process…It was quite interesting. I read the book in October and it was a pretty good read, though it did not sway me from my own thoughts,  I rather enjoyed it.  For those who may not have read it, Hill engages a diverse group of his friends in a discussion about relationship issues Black Men and (Black) Women have with each other in hopes that common ground is found…

Well, last night during “The Conversation” I was in, there were a LOT of basic relationship woes. But one topic that came up for discussion was, 1, Why do Men cheat? and 2, Why do Women cheat? answers from most of the men…OPPORTUNITY…and the Women…to fill some type of VOID in their relationship. The opportunity answer was very fascinating because opportunity can be, well, is out there everyday (for both sides)… but because it is “knocking”, the Respect that you have for yourself, your significant other, and your relationship has to supercede that desire to not answer and open that door.

Although, there was not an easy answer to fix some of the issues, whether you agreed or disagreed, it was good dialogue and a conversation that I’m sure will continue.


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