Married…to be or not to be?

There was a recent poll conducted by Pew Research Center regarding the institution of marriage. According to the poll Nearly 40% of Americans believe that marriage is becoming obsolete.  What do you think?

Personally I think  most polls are inadequate when it comes to reporting certain data, mainly because of who they are polling, how many answered the poll, etc…  That’s why it is good to examine your own thoughts on the issue.

Obsolete may be a choice word to use, especially when you have couples fighting for the ‘right’ to get married…okay-Hypothetically, if there were a room with 10 ladies and 10 men, I think atleast half of the women would want to be married and less than half of the men…okay men, tell me if  I am wrong…or ladies…On the other hand, some people would just want to be in a committed relationship without the legalities involved.

Whether it is because of  being in love,  a spiritual,  religious or even financial reason, I think for the most part, people do want to be married. and with that, as long as there is companionship within marriage, obsolete it will not be.


5 thoughts on “Married…to be or not to be?

  1. Derrick Jackson says:

    well I think that family ways are not being taught anymore so with that being said marriage just left the room.The kids (that right kids) that are having babies now and don’t have any care anymore and that is what they pass on to their children. the kids growing up like caveman. no pride , no compassion, no love , no self help, it hurt my heart to see this because these are my brothers and sister they don’t want nothing and what kind of life is that so empty. I believe that my age of peers really drop the ball . Every year we came up short but during my time we had the biggest negative in teaching and learning about family values

    • Thanks so much Derrick for that comment. I think you are right when you say they have no pride, no compassion, and no self love. Although a ball may have been dropped, I know there are still a few that can pick it up and keep rolling. There are those that can be reached in keeping family values and instilling them in future generations.

  2. Sweet T says:

    No indeed, polls are not reliable. I don’t know of one single women who does not desire to be married. I do however, know plenty of single women who will not settle for “anything” just to have the title of “Mrs.” I don’t believe that marriage is obselete. I think we are (especially as we grow older) a more informed public, we are much more in tuned with ourselves and what we really want and need. Oftentimes, marriage is considered for the wrong reasons and I believe that both men and women are now beginning to look deep inside of themselves and their mates to find what really matters most to them. I think this is a GREAT thing-but it also makes the “courtship/single” period a little longer than in past generations-which might tend to make marriage APPEAR to be obselete.

  3. Sweet T says:

    Also, won’t it be great if more people who were considering marriage sought counsel from other people who had been married for a long time. This would be so very beneficial in regards to expectations, roles, transitions, and longevity. I have done this and I’m so thankful for those couples who have shared their success and failures with us!

    • Yes, that would be great…the benefits would be priceless. Although I did not get marriage counseling, I believe counseling will give you the tools to better handle and deal with those unforeseen marital concerns…Both parties have to be willing to participate and listen.

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