80/20 rule

Nope, I am not talking about the Pareto Principle of economics. I am talking about the balance in relationships.

When two people come together there is an unspoken compromise of things that are done for each other. For example, if after a long day, your significant other comes in tired, and you know he has been working endlessly… and you may be tired as well, but you do a nice gesture by running him a (bubble) bath and even bathing him…wow, I know that would bring a smile to most and who wouldn’t love that…

okay, let’s flip the script. YOU come in after a long day and are exhausted, but your significant other does not offer the same type of relaxation treatment as you may have offered, so you ASK in your cute and vulnerable voice, “honey, can you  massage my feet?” what if he responds in a very dry tone? or what if he doesn’t respond at all…would you still want that massage? probably not…just thinking how you even had to ask gets you upset…you notice this is not a one time occurrence but occurs most of the time when you are the receiver (the 20). So now what? you begin to contemplate why this is so…

Of course, there may be imbalances in relationships, (incomes, education,  life experiences), but with that, when in a relationship the 80/20 rule takes on a  different meaning. No one likes to feel they are not receiving as much as they are giving. We have to be balanced in our treatments of one another and we have to realize that instead of 80/20 we have to make it 100/100…


2 thoughts on “80/20 rule

  1. lovelylady says:

    This is funny! I just finished talking to my sister-in-law about this very thing. Yes, we as women we have several jobs or should I say roles. We are accountable for several things. When we get off of work we have to deal with homework,cooking,cleaning, then having to take care of our spouses. We have to keep them satisfied. It seems as thou we can never say we are tired. We have to pull strength from somewhere to accomplish and keep everyone happy. I feel that both spouses have to compromise when there are things one is not giving the other to keep them satisfied. We have to remember what you want do another woman or man will. It is always important to talk and listen when one of you is speaking. Sometimes we have to hear each other out. Smooches

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