Street credit Role Models…

TI, Weezy, Gucci, to name a few have become role models to some. I was listening to the radio recently and the topic of discussion was about entertainers or rappers being role models.  In a recent interview Soulja Boy stated that role modeling should start at home and he or other rappers should not be the blame for kids actions. the radio discussion was split-as I can best sum it up, one view was yes rappers or entertainers are indirect role models…kids imitate the image, the other view was yes kids imitate the image but do not pattern themselves as the person.

While I am entertained by these rappers and others and listen to rap music, I don’t like how the revolving door of  jail has become so inevitable. I understand they may be targeted because of their celebrity, and we may not hear of some of the positive things they do, but since we are going to hear and possibly see the negative, they have to be accountable… for which I think, for the most part they have taken that responsibility.  Soulja Boys’ statement it should start at home, is true but Reality is, outside of the home kids can be exposed to a lot. That’s where parenting comes into play, and as parents, mentors and guiders of life we have to instill in our kids that going to jail is not IT. which some  look at that as being cool. and yes, there are others in the entertainment industry that portray images we do not want our kids to admire, but nevertheless, these are OUR kids and we need to make sure they are admiring the aspirations of success and not admiring the steps of  negative imagery.  We have to let them know that Street Credit is more than going to jail, flashing bling and making it rain… street credit can be achieved by being advocates in their communities and they can be role models to those watching them…


One thought on “Street credit Role Models…

  1. Sweet T says:

    Great points in you post! I personally would not want my son’s role model to be anyone that I don’t know personally. We don’t know what’s really on the minds of these rappers, entertainers, or sports figures. We haven’t seen their morals or values up close and in person. We only see what they portray in the media. Role models should be someone who plays an active ROLE in a child’s life. Somewho who spends time with the child and talks to them about REAL life issues. Role models should not be someone they see on BET or Monday Night Football-that is insane.

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