Have you given any compliments to your lover lately?… like, you look good in those jeans? or baby that’s a nice color on you…yes, this goes for women and men. If  you are guilty of not acknowledging your boo with a few flirty remarks that allows them to see you are giving notice,  someone else may  be giving notice and unknowingly filling that void. you know that old saying, The more you give, the less someone else’ matter (well maybe not, but you get the point).

We are all emotional beings, whether we want to admit it or not and we all like to hear a few words of admiration every now and then, especially from the one’s we are in a relationship with…just think, if someone outside gives notice and comments, don’t you think your lover will wonder why you didn’t?…I know some may say, my lover knows I notice, and it goes without saying,  which may be true,  but  a little (saying) goes a long way.

ATTENTION !!! give some daily…


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