DespiteRejectionEvolveAspireMakeithappen…we all have thoughts of things we want to try and things we want to achieve. We often share those “things” with others. If they don’t see the same end result, that’s okay…because as long as You can DesireRealityoftheEnvisionedAmbitiontoMold it’s yours to have. So Dream on and follow through.



2 thoughts on “D-R-E-A-M

  1. ingrid says:

    I am always dreaming of ways to be more than I am in a positive manner.
    Dreaming gives ideas and Ideas bring about Dreams. They once said,”Nothing comes
    to a Sleeper but a Dream.” But I think as long as a good sleep produces a successful
    Dream–sleep on. But really, Dreams bring about good thoughts that can manifest
    into something wonderful.

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