It Ain’t my Fault…

After reading an article by Aja Dorsey Jackson on Black and Married with titled, Is Anyone Advising the Men: Why is All the Relationship Advice Directed at Women?…I kinda laughed, and said yeah, Why?

Is it a big market, meaning when it comes to Love and Relationships, do women tend to buy the How to be a better Spouse/Partner Books,  the Relationship NoNo’s Book  or the Why are you Still single Book more than men? It would appear women did because of the countless copies out there.  or Is it that men are not that inquisitive, especially when it comes to inquiring about the “How to Be’s” or relationship instructions of Things to do and don’t do.

There is a question at the end of the article that asks if  it’s natural that women feel liable for a relationship’s success…I have heard women say that maybe if they did something different they would still be with him or they begin to think something is wrong with them if the relationship is not going well, but  I can’t say that it’s in a woman’s nature to feel like the  relationship’s success is hers to own, men have concerns and hopes of Love and not wanting to be alone, so they too can possess this natural quality…but I am guilty of feeling liable, even when I wanted to say It Ain’t my Fault (and it really wasn’t) as well as reading some of these Books. I know that’s not a bad thing…you just have to know and understand that when two people are in a meaningful relationship, the success of that relationship becomes second nature to both.


2 thoughts on “It Ain’t my Fault…

  1. Tia Stringer says:

    I am guilty of doing the blame game myself. I know that I do have this problem with my mouth, i move my lips too much, so when several men that I have encountered may it be friends or dating. I had to begin look inward. I also realized that it was not just me in this relationship and realized that it was not my fault that we broke up. I have never read a book about relationships because I never really cared about what was in it but I did speak to a lot of my male friends instead which was way more interesting that a book could ever be.

  2. Great post ChocolateRose! I think women tend to feel liable because we are the nurturers, the ones that take care of, support, nurish. We always want things to work out and we feel its our duty. Especially in a marriage. Men are visual. They don’t do the “book relationship” thing. They dont want anyWoman telling them how to act. They pride themselves on being the best thing that ever happened to that woman…so why should they read a book? lol. The ones that are reading it, aren’t letting anyone know they are reading it. lol Thanks for sharing!!

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