Mr-or-Mrs Right

Car #1- May I take your Order? Yes, I would like an IdrisElba,BorisKodjoe,TayeDiggs shake with a dash of DenzelandBlair spice, oh and add some Trey,EricBonet,Maxwell cream to that…Will that complete your order? let me add a small fry…

Car#2- I would like a Double order of Halle Berry!!!

Wow, I must say, that’s a hell of a shake…which brings me to thinking, with relationships if we could create our own order of Perfection, would it really be perfect? I mean, if we could take a little something of this person and a little bit of that person and roll them into one, would this complete our order… or would we have to continue to add on. I have made the statement myself about custom making the perfect mate, but I knew that was impossible. If driving up to a drive thru and ordering our potential significant other was that easy,  all I can say is order when ready and where is this place? Just like that shake, although there should be a specific recipe, what if one of the ingredients was left out, it would not be the same. Oops, there goes perfection…the same goes when looking for or trying to create Mr or Mrs Perfect,one ingredient off and there it goes, so find Mr or Mrs Right- the person that is right for you, that person that makes your order complete.


3 thoughts on “Mr-or-Mrs Right

  1. ingrid says:

    This so true,,,if having the perfect man was as simple as driving up to a Drive thru window and
    ordering the man that can rock my world,,,,,,I would venture a window often. I feel as a woman we should blend our personalities. Meaning…be a different woman each day and still be the Real U. Wigs/makeup/shoes or just walk with a different flare. This can bring excitement to a marriage or relationship. Change is always good and mixing things up a bit can make you and your Partner more interesting. I love men and my dream guy would be Idris /Blair/ Brad/ with a twist of……..bad boy 50 cent. Oh yeah..lil thug is good. All rolled in one Man!! wallah!

  2. Kerwin says:

    Personally speaking,…..what we DESIRE,…is(in some cases) very different from what we NEED.
    The word “relationship” has been so overused and under-lived that it would be better banned or labeled “archaic.” The NEED exists, however, that humans yearn for close, sustained attachment.
    Yes,…i agree that we are ATTRACTED to symmetry of the face and a healthy body because that is a sign of good health; and gives us a better chance of producing healthy,beautiful offspring. It’s sort of hard wired into our brains from millions of years of selecting the right partners to breed with. But more importantly, anyone who says, “I’d rather be with someone who is a little cute,” is shallow, cruel and definitely not someone you want to be with. You may be right that initially people are attracted to someone’s looks. But if you look around you’ll see that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Unlike what we see on TV and the movies, most people are not super gorgeous or handsome. In fact, the majority of people on this planet are very ordinary looking. What makes a person extraordinary and attractive is their personality. What shines from the inside is what we are attracted to in the long run.
    Every now and then,……….We need reminding that surface beauty may not be reality.
    By the way Dee,………….T.H.U.G.,.REALLY means…..TRUTH HIDES UNDER GOD

    • Thanks Kerwin for those words. To separate what is Desired from what is Needed is very difficult for some because they truly cannot get beyond the superficial.
      Though it’s up to the viewers to see beyond the image, TV and movies display this type of ideal which at times makes it hard for extraOrdinary people to allow their extraOrdinary beauty to shine through. If those images we see could be flipped, “inside out”, I wonder if we would have those same thoughts…That’s why it is so important not to get caught up in the fantasy.

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