Boys- 2 -Men

I was watching a program on TV One – Black Men Revealed, and the comment, a woman can’t raise a man, was said. Every time I hear this I ask myself, why can’t we (women)? There are men that were raised by women or single mothers that turned out pretty well like Bernie Mac, Samuel L. Jackson and Barack Obama to name a few.

There may be  “father figures” that come around, but when the father is absent from the home, mothers or women have had to play dual roles in the parenting department.  I asked my husband his take on this and he said, it’s not that women can’t raise boys to men, but not All Women can raise a man…because most women/mothers are just overly protective…they are in constant pamper mode and this does not allow for the ‘Toughness” that boys are expected to have”. To some aspect I can agree, but to me this does not create a lack of toughness or mama’s boys, it’s just the motherly instinct most women have.  Another point made was in the relationship department…women are molding their boys by what they think a relationship should be, or by what their relationship issues are. Can this be a  prelude to some of the issues men have with their own relationships? I’m still scratching my head on that one, because that could be a possibility…But most of all if women are instilling a good moral and value system, teaching them by positive words and actions how to be a gentleman and a good parent, then I think that allows for great potential.


One thought on “Boys- 2 -Men

  1. Sweet T says:

    I think there are things that only a man can teach a boy. Men have totally differenct emotions and thought processes than women, and it takes a man to help a boy understand those elements of life. I do believe that many women, through the grace of God, have done exceptionally well at raising good men. But there still needs to be that constant, positive, male figure in his life. Women are not capable of effectively thinking like a man-we’re just not wired that way. Of course, we can teach them the basics, but I’m not sure if we can teach them all the other very important aspects of being a good man, brother, husand, or father. To me, it takes one to make one.

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