It’s Still Me

Wow! Jennifer Hudson looks great, this is what many headlines are saying since her recent weight loss. I agree, she does.

When you do something positive for yourself  and the results are evident,  the domino effect of self enhancement begins. You become inspired. But not all will share in that inspiration. According to InStyle Magazine, she (Jennifer) stated, “David (fiance)  doesn’t like change,” He tells me I have no breasts anymore. He tries to feed me.”   As I read on, she says she is shopping more and is even considering a new hairdo, going short.

Change can be good, sometimes it’s not just a phase. For me, I wanted a new hairdo so I got my hair cut (my hubby was a little shocked when I did it, which shocked me because I had a short cut early in our relationship).  I said it’s Still Me…or is it? Did I take on a new attitude with my new look. Maybe that is what David is thinking… I know there are certain things that attract one to another, but if you changed something about your physical appearance, would your significant other be upset and/or would you care?


4 thoughts on “It’s Still Me

  1. Tia Stringer says:

    I recently had a baby she is now 7 months old and I still have my pooch and it bothers me and Eugene tells me that I am still sexy to him but I want to change my appearance to lose 13 pounds or more and he said dont get too skinny because he likes my thickness. So I explained to him It will still be me. He laughed and said you are right as long as you dont get brand new on me. Well I say change is good go Jennifer sometimes men fear we are gonna go and find someone new but they need to understand that the change was for our selves and not for them. We change in hoping that they will notice but when they see the new found attention we are getting I feel a little envy comes into play. trust we will stay and love you more but if we leave then it was never love at all. It is still me.

  2. ingrid says:

    I have always said, “Your success isn’t every ones happiness.” With that being said, just do
    YOU!! I think Jenifer Hudson look great! I am sure she feel better and enjoy how good she look
    in her clothes. I hope she remains focus on self and family. People always got a lot to say
    when you start making the right moves. Focus and keep doing the right things.

  3. Sweet T says:

    I agree with Ingrid, change is good. Heck change is great! But I just wonder- when we intentionally change- is it really helping in the relationship department? Lets take Jennifer for instance, I think David has issues! Losing weight for Jennifer was probably a life saver and is not just for appearance, afterall he’s relatively fit himself. But when we change other things, do we change into someone else. If we meet our mates initially and we are a conservative dresser, a spicy dresser, a little heavier, or a little thinner- maybe that’s part of what attracted them to us in the first place. We should certainly be who we want to be, but let’s consider how we would feel if our mate drastically changed on us. Would we really like that?

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