Islam = Fear??

As I was sitting watching TV, a commercial for ABC News came on and the topic of discussion for a town hall meeting being held this week was, “Holywar: Should Americans Fear Islam?”  (this has become a heated issue because of the potential building of a Muslim Mosque near Ground Zero). But I answered this very quickly…NO.  For me, Islam is not a religion that needs to be Feared. Could the the same be asked about Christianity, Judaism, or Catholicism? If that question was asked to a non-American, I wonder what their response would be…

Fear is said to be an emotional response to a perceived threat-pain or danger. My understandings of Islam and it’s teachings do not constitute the meaning of fear.  And just the same with my understanding and teachings of Christianity. Islam and Christianity are among the worlds largest religions and to fear one and not the other, how would you choose since there are those in both groups  that are considered to be extremists.  Though there may be some differences is beliefs, there is one in common, which is… one can find peace only by submitting to God.

So as an American, my answer is again, No.


2 thoughts on “Islam = Fear??

  1. Tia Stringer says:

    Well stated my friend, people are judging a religion based off of what happen on 911 and that is not fair to the Muslims who were born and raised here, So people dont judge or single out any race without knowledge of it. My answer is no i dont fear any Muslims. Dont judge me.

  2. ingrid says:

    I concur with you. Islam is not a religion to fear. I embrace Islam and the teachings. Islam hold moral values for all and helps to condition your self as well as Christianity. Both religions have a lot to give to the world.

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