I’m sending a Shout Out

Just say NO! This phrase has taken on more meaning this past year and a half than it did when the War on Drugs was the focus. Now it simply means, nOBama. Whether it’s Healthcare, Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell, or should I wear this shirt (just kidding)… it seems as though everything presented to the Right is rejected, for whatever reason. So, I’m sending a Shout Out to my President, Barack Obama. Thanks for applying for one of the most demanding and scrutinized jobs in America.

As for the lady who’s tired of defending You and Your Administration, she can STOP, because I’m not tired. As a matter of fact, if any defending is needed at all,  The Administration is more than capable of defending itself. And although some may disagree, majority feel you are not responsible for the economic situation, but inherited a bad situation. Nevertheless, Thanks for assuring parents with kids that have pre-existing conditions they cannot be dropped from coverage and Thanks for being committed to bringing our Troops home. So, once again, Shout out to you Obama…Change is still what We Need.


2 thoughts on “I’m sending a Shout Out

  1. tia says:

    I am sending a shout out to me becuase I need to encourage myself. I am tired and need a break, I forgot how demanding children can really be. I have an adult daughter and she still needs me and for the life of me I cant understand why. I dont get in her business and I feel because she is and adult I let her live her life. And my son is 14 and he seems to be more demanding now then he was when he was smaller. and ther is Lauren she is 7 months I guess I blocked out how much a baby needs attention, so it is exausting. But I am still standing. So shout out to me for stepping up to the plate and pressing on. And i forget about my bisggest baby of All Eugene.

  2. ingrid says:

    I concur with you Dona. I too need to give a SHOUT OUT to President Obama!! He is not responsible for the mess the country is in. How people pretend to forget the Bush
    Administration- remember him. Okay Kids, put on your thinking CAP!! I thought you
    remember 8 years ago.

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