You know that saying, “if you want something done, then do it yourself”. Well sometimes that may be okay, but when you’re building a relationship is that a good motto to have? Think about it, when you ask your significant other to do something, (I’m not talking about something that is urgent)  and it seems like they are taking their time, do you decide to DIY?  I have. The times I have, has caused him to feel like I didn’t trust him to handle that situation. This wasn’t the case at all, it just wasn’t done when I wanted it done…so to help keep the peace try stepping back and allow the task (whatever it may be) to be done…though this act of patience may be challenging, this could prevent turning a little situation into a bigger situation.


One thought on “D I Y

  1. tia says:

    I have done that to. I asked him to put Laurens shelves up in her room. It was not an urgent thing because at the time I was about 5 months pregnant. I felt he was moving at a snails pace so I proceeded to put the shelves up myself. He of course got upset saying I did not give him a change to do it, I know I could have waited but I wanted to be done in a manner that was timely for me. I have a problem with me asking him to do something and I DYI it myself. The old saying is patience is a virtue. I guess that is true. He always tells me that I need to chill out and stop trying to be the man in this relationship and to trust when I ask him to do something that he will do it.

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