that’s right,  I said YOU. Look at you,  beautiful and sassy, decadent and delicate, just like a chocolate rose. Stop beating yourself up over things you can’t control. Life is too precious. Start living and enjoying the life you have. Smile today and everyday. Laugh today and the next, and the next. And remember, it is, all about YOU.

just a few encouraging words to myself and others.


5 thoughts on “YOU

  1. ingrid says:

    I agree with you. It is all about YOU. People complain when you focus on self or
    mention several things about self. They make remarks like, “you think its all about
    You” or ” Me,me.” as if you should not think of self. They make you feel its a crime to
    even think about YOU. I think you should give yourself some props and do for self.
    Knowing that you have shared your self with others such as:family/friends. After doing every one else….

    YOU—are very important and you should do YOU!!

  2. KayCee says:

    Disproportionate thinking got her head hanging low

    I’ve noticed…..

    But she’s a true soldier

    I’ve noticed…..

    Soldier fighting this seemingly never ending war

    Maybe it’s time for brothers to STOP fighting

    Stop denying

    Yes…. Denying our Sisters their due praise

    Maybe our attitudes are spiteful, malicious, just wicked

    We need to appreciate our Queens

    Kinda like the way i APPRECIATE YOU.

    True some of us love,…

    But too many of us complain,…

    Point out wrongs,…..

    Highlight her imperfections.

    Repetitive YAK ’bout what we don’t like,..

    Nah, I’m not trying to flow on this piece,…

    Just a REAL NIGGA release

    Brothers our Sisters need peace

    So feel me…

    We speak about peace,…

    Speak about love,….

    Share fairy tale dreams,….

    Wake up and we bashing them

    Some turning our heads,…

    Some tellin books of lies,…


    Upset because of the disrespect.

    Won’t give true Brothers the time of day,….

    The childish games ‘summa ‘yall play,……

    Then complain,……

    Mad ’cause her choice of ‘flava has changed.

    Cuz in her mouth chocolate-milk done turned sour,..

    As we constantly devour,…

    The Confidence of our Sisters.

    Society abuses a Lady,..

    Misuses a Lady,…

    Her sanctuary is her home,…

    Lady steps through the door,..

    Planted in yet another war zone.

    Tired of the noise as we fuss, yell and scream,….

    She figures her soul-brotha is her city of refuge,…

    Unaware of what he has,…..

    Tossing her aside, no better than refuse.

    She’s a,….

    Strong tower,…

    corner stone,…..

    Soul of pure of steel,…

    heart of gold, QUEEN.

    Suited up for a battle that shouldn’t be fought,….

    She fights for love, for appreciation

    I strive to push her head up high

    Denigration of a soldier,… this sister tries to mend herself,..

    Can’t rectify all. ‘Ya dig?

    My muscles are bigga than hers,……

    On my actions, I wish she’d depend.

    Can’t do it all on my own,….

    but today I’m gunna start.

    Start fighting for SHE,…….

    Cuz I refuse to be a passive observer,..

    Mistreatment they receive,…

    Heavy heart I will nurture,….

    Pain in mind I will relieve,…..

    Brothers,… realize what we have,…

    Realize what we can lose,……

    Don’t choose to abuse,….


    Appreciate, Communicate, Congratulate, Lets Celebrate


    Man I’m TIRED of seeing her pushed out,…

    Nah they don’t ALL just walk out,….

    Generations of confused women,…..

    Minds full of doubt.

    Full of hate for our brothers,…

    No man in their life,…..

    Raised alone by their mothers,….

    Mark my words,….

    I’m gunna start today!

    A good woman can only take so much,….

    So I’m starting today with a delicate, healing touch.

    Our Sisters beat down by the world,…..

    Made public spectacles of the system,….

    Lack of respect a norm,……

    Too often for my sistah’s.

    I refuse to play a part.

    Making today a new beginning.

    My new start.

    My warm smile awaits her,…

    Embrace her,…

    Caress her,….

    Accept her,……

    Warm hugs to comfort her,…..

    Back rubs to soothe her,……

    Lets not bash them,..

    trash them,….

    Lets be their favorite flavor,….

    Be her number one choice,…..

    Mild attitudes, soothing voice,……

    Time to LOVE our Sisters,….our QUEENS.


    ‘dig me?

  3. Tia Stringer says:

    Yes me it is always about me. I do put myself first because doing the work, mommy, wifey thing i tend to put my self last so some days it is just me,me,me. So encourange yourself some times,

  4. Sweet T says:

    This is a good one. I have lots of girlfriends who do absolutely nothing for themselves, they rip and run with the kids, work long hours, or they are always taking care of others. But we must stop and take some time for ourselves. Although it may not happen as often as we would like, it’s really ok to have those “all about ME” days.

  5. lovelylady says:

    We as women are always doing for the husband and kids. We forget about us. It is time NOW to do us. Love you, pamper yourself. Make it your business to get the nails and toes done on a regular basis. Shop for you! I have taken advantage of this lately because I would be like let’s go out but I would have nothing to put on. This was my wake up call. So now I just do me!

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