“white picket fence”

When I grow up, I want a spouse, two kids, a dog and a house. A house with a white picket fence. (picturing butterflies and birds chirping)…growing up this  image painted a happy life. but then you grow up and realize that you don’t have the house with that picket fence, or the spouse, the kids or the dog, does it make your life less perfect? I say no. Although these things are joyous to have, they do not determine a persons magnitude of happiness or perfection. So what does one do… just as an article I was reading suggests, be confident in what you have and love yourself.


3 thoughts on ““white picket fence”

  1. ingrid says:

    that sound like my dream…the house with the picket fence. The children I already had and the husband that didn’t come with the house. But I still had the vision, the dream.
    Its the American Dream and each person want a slice of the PIE. No picket fence nor husband
    to fulfill my dream,,,so I was happy having my children and the house. 🙂

  2. Tia Stringer says:

    White Picket Fence I never had that dream because I felt it was not atainable but when i did find the great guy and the house i felt like a queen but then the cloud came over and stormed for several years daily until the day i divorce. I then knew that dream was all it was. I now have been sent the man, the house and the new baby and this feel right, because God created this white picket fence and not me. So dont give up the fence is there you just have to believe it it yours and God will give it to you.

  3. Sweet T says:

    Great words “be confident in what you have and love yourself.” I love this. This is a great thought because it is the key to happiness. When we are happiest with ourselves, by ourselves, then God sends us the white picket fence, if and only if- it is his WILL. If not, then it’s still all good……how can we know when someone else truly loves us, unless we have truly loved ourselves first?

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