I was reading another blog and the question asked was “do you remember where you were, when you heard about the first plane of 9/11?” yes I do. I was at work in Downtown Atlanta and could not believe what I was hearing come across on the radio. I could only imagine what that was like.  You’re at work just starting your day, talking to co-workers, getting coffee, or just putting your bags down…and then, well we know the rest.

so today is a day to Remember Everyone the heroes and the unsung heroes. This was a moment when the country was in shock and disbelief that something like this even happened.  The tragedies of this day will never be forgotten.


One thought on “9/11/2001

  1. ingrid says:

    I was at work and later my ex called me and told me to watch the news. He told me an airplane
    had just flew into a building in NEW York. At first I thought he was joking, until I went into the
    break room at work and witness it on the news channel. It messed my whole week up!!

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