Talkative…Quiet. Assertive…Passive.

What attracts one person to another? First it is the Physical…what we see.

Then it is below the surface, we must go…

You know when you’re out and you see a couple and they “look” as though they don’t match…they look like opposites, and you think, how did they get together? who knows… Maybe that couple is you or me and people wonder the same thing. But when two people get together they both bring something (strengths and weaknesses) to the relationship.  Both may have interests and passions that the other has not experienced, one personality could be more outgoing than the other…would this cause a disinterest? I don’t think it should, because aside from common morals and values (which should have a common ground), maybe an opposite personality is needed.  Of course similar interests are important, but the Yin and Yang of a relationship helps bring balance, compromise, and appreciation.


One thought on “Yin-Yang

  1. tia says:

    I an Yin and Eugene is Yang. When people see us together they say how did you too get together. Yes I get a little offended but then i began to undersatnd where they are coming from. I am outgoing and talkative and he is quite and relaxed, but he has a bad boy side to him I never knew. We went to school together and he seemed to be a little nerdy to me but all along he was a rebal at heart so I never gave him the time of day. He brings balance to my wild child. I do see people that are oddly matched ie 400 pound woman and a tiny man together and say wow how did that happen, but then I see there interaction and say opposites do attract. so looks are deceiving he is her Yin to her Yang

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