I was reading this article by Tara Pringle Jefferson on Black and Married with Kids.com, Is There a Such Thing as “TMI” When You’re Married? which was very interesting.  In the beginning,  relationships have their cute or aw stages…certain things you tend not to do around your love interest(like keeping the door open when bathroom is in use). But once that love grows, do you just say, WTHeck…While I like the “Keeping it Real” aspect of my marriage, some things I do not do around my spouse. I have a couple of beauty regimens, he does not know about, atleast, I don’t think he knows. Does this mean something is wrong with a relationship if  either partner keeps some things private?  Some people may say, aw that’s crazy, you should feel comfortable…that’s normal…well that may be true but sometimes Too Much Information can be too much information, even when you’re married.


4 thoughts on ““TMI”

  1. Tia says:

    I feel a little different I am the let it all out type of person. I am not married yet but in a year I will be. I do use the bathroom with the door open and I pass gas and burp in front of him. It really shooked him when I first did it because he looks at me like I am so stuck up, but once he saw that side of me he was like wow you are really cool. He just Let’s me be me. No you should not do it around any one but if it is your husband then I guess it is ok.

  2. ingrid says:

    i think you should always keep your relationship open to some point. Open as in
    keeping it spicy and open to discuss what matters. I feel like Tia, let it go,,,as in gas/burp/sneeze/etc. I was once told, it take a real man to appreciate a real woman.
    So once you have bonded…and or made love, it is all good. We need to know the real
    deal,,,now then again there are a few things we need to keep to ourselves. TMI
    moves in on those things we find to be our … own SPACE!!.

  3. Sweet T says:

    I agree with Tia and Ingrid both. I must say-at this point, I lay it all bear. I’m not married either, but like Tia, I will be in a year and there is not much that I haven’t shared with my fiance’. During the first year, there were certain things that were off limits or as you say “too much information.” But now after two and a half years, I’m completely comfortable with talking openly, beauty rituals, burping, and yes- passing gas. There is however a few exceptions: 1) He is not allowed to hear girlfriend talk, ie phone calls with the girls, girls night in, girlfriend crisis talks, etc. and 2) I DO NOT leave the bathroom door open-unless of course I’ve just showered and I’d like to give him a little peak ;-D.

  4. ladylove says:

    My husband and I let it all out! He is mine and I am his. Why hold back? When we married we became one. We try to keep communication open at all times. That’s why I don’t understand why some women wear so much make up. He is eventually going to see your actual face eventually. Be up front with your man from the beginning.

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